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The Herbert A. Templeton Foundation is an Oregon charitable corporation founded in 1955 by Herbert A. Templeton (1883 - 1969, pictured).

The principal activity of The Herbert A. Templeton Foundation is the making of grants to appropriate tax-exempt organizations in the areas of education, social concerns, performing arts and humanities. The Foundation endeavors to remain responsive to changing conditions, and perceptive to emerging and critical needs. Overall, the trustees feel a strong commitment to strengthening the quality of life for the total community with special emphasis on giving support to youth.

Over the years, grants have regularly been made to various educational, youth, cultural, and social service organizations. Currently priority is placed on direct services. Grants are not being made for endowment, capital purposes including building and renovation projects, as well as purchases of furnishings, equipment and vehicles. Grants generally are made only to organizations operating within the State of Oregon or for purposes significantly affecting Oregon residents.