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The procedures and operations of The Herbert A. Templeton Foundation are informal and there is no required application form. Grant requests should be in writing and, in addition to basic general information about the applicant organization, should describe the purpose for which funding is requested, the practical implementation strategy, the potential significance to the community, anticipated costs, and sources of actual and potential support. Requests also must include the most recent fiscal year-end financial statement; an organization budget; a project budget, if applicable; a list of the directors, indicating their relationships to the organization; and the name, mailing address, e-mail address and telephone number of a contact person. A copy of the applicant organization’s Internal Revenue Service determination letter must be attached. These materials should be covered by a one-page transmittal letter which summarizes the grant request.

It is the policy of the Foundation not to make grants to organizations which discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, age, national origin, marital status, or sexual orientation. No grants, including scholarships and student loans, are made to individuals. At this time the Foundation makes no grants in the following areas: programs for the elderly, medical or medically-related services, scientific research and technology, program related investments or endowment funds.

The Foundation processes grant requests throughout the year. There are two submission deadlines: March 15 and September 15.  Please note:  All requests must be physically received no later than 5:00 p.m. on the day of the deadline.  All requests must be mailed via USPS.  Other delivery methods, including hand delivery, are NOT accepted.  Submission prior to the deadline is encouraged; please allow sufficient time to ensure requests will be delivered via USPS by the submission deadline.  (We regret any inconvenience this may cause.)  Organizations may submit only one request per calendar year. The Foundation does not accept electronic submission of proposals or reports.

Following the receipt of a grant, the Foundation requires grantees submit a brief report describing the successes/difficulties of the endeavors for which funding was granted.

All mail correspondence and grant applications should be directed to:

Christian Richmond
The Herbert A. Templeton Foundation
650 S. Gaines Street, #1102
Portland, Oregon 97239

Email should be directed to:

Please Note:  While the Foundation does not accept electronic submission of proposals or reports, we require applicants to register and begin the application process through the Templeton Foundation . Information provided is used only within the Templeton Foundation. Once your registration is completed, we still require a hard copy of your proposal and supporting documents be sent to our office. If you have any questions regarding this online process, please contact Tim Houchen at htempletonfoundation@gmail.com.